Will we be saved or crushed by a Red Wave in November

Written by on September 5, 2022

Will we be saved or crushed by a Red Wave in November?

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

Will we be saved or crushed by a Red Wave in November?

Folks I worry about a red wave happening or not happening. But I also worry if it does.

Too many of the Republicans I have encountered in NC and other places say they support Trump but they do not support the inclusiveness that Trump wants in the Republican party.

The nasty generalization of all gay people for one has really infuriated me. While I have seen people and groups that when Trump was in office supported #GaysForTrump, Log Cabin Republicans, Scott Ryan Presler, Brandon Straka, myself Peter R Boykin, Ricky Rebel, Marilyn Baley, and many others, now it seems many have flipped the script to talk trash about us all even as far as saying they don’t think we belong in the GOP.

Sadly I think as a party we Republicans have gone backward.

I now know why so many people are jumping ship and becoming unaffiliated in NC and in other states. As they are tired of it all. I for one I don’t blame them they have good reasons.

These new unaffiliated voters are True supporters of liberty and an inclusive “We The People” government.

These unaffiliated voters and many True Trump-minded Republicans that are also gay-friendly are growing in numbers. As more of the LGBTQ feel safe to come out, and more right-leaning people suddenly have kids, and other family members that identify as part of the gay community. Many are right-wing gays and are good productive liberty-minded citizens. Although, this is the case we have a growing problem within the Republican party.

Too many true Trump supporters now see this growing problem and these people hear the general attacks from those in the Republican party (including our homophobic heterosexual supremacist NC Lt Governor and my former “friend”.)

Then to make it worse the ones trying to take over our Republican party that you might recognize as those that worked hard to succeed but barely get Madison Cawthorn primaried out by trying to point him out as a possible homosexual. These homophobic right-wingers are working to take equal rights away from gays.

Just point to the massive amount of the Republican legislative branch that voted NO on protecting both same-sex marriages and even interracial marriages in our country if you need proof.

It’s sad how many followers and the activism you see that are following people that call for this. Rap Stars like Bryson Gray come to mind and many e-celebrities and personalities have grown in their hatred of gays and spend their time trashing gay conservatives.

Worse is that many of these are the people that want to round gays up, criminalize us, lock us up, put us in concentration camps, or even want us killed or more, and no one is really calling them out for saying it quite openly.

I know the excuse most people make to find some reasoning in this is that “leftist gays” are so bad in what they do (protecting pedophiles and promoting the indoctrination of kids at toddler age) got us this way, but that’s bullshit and let me tell you why.

The rise of right-wingers who are Gays for Trump has grown over the last 7 years. Many right-wing people follow us but yet our own conservative press won’t cover what we do because they are as bad as the left-wing press.

Frankly, we don’t fit the narrative. It’s why they wouldn’t ever put me, Peter Boykin, on the mainstream when I was more active, and if they did it would have helped greatly. For example, the exposure that Brandon Straka received helped grow #WalkAway 1000 times over. Yet someone that works as hard as Scott Presler hardly gets the press he deserves.

I know I will never be a Democrat but I’m barely holding on to the title of Republican because I just don’t like what I see. Trump is the glue that holds it all together, while meanwhile, people are trying to push for DeSantis a proven (at least in my opinion) Bizzaro Trump and Not to be trusted.

Bottomline, a Red wave is not that good if it’s electing people who don’t want or see the world as Trump does.

We have instead a grand growing mass of Republicans that do not protect the Republic but want to replace it with a theocracy run by Religion. I’m a religious guy but this was never the intention of America. Our country was I agree a God-fearing nation and the term “God” is in our founding documents but no particular Religion was indicated.

America’s backstory and history of its founding started with the many that came from England whose Church was too involved in State affairs and that led to the persecution of those not active in the “Church of England.” Many who came to America came for both the Freedom of Religion and the Freedom from Religion or at least a Freedom from Religion running our Government. But, as bad as people get they are proving to not listen to history but to turn America into the country we ran from.

Sadly, I find myself fearing and much more now agreeing with some of the more level-headed “left gays” on their fears of some in the Republican party. I for one am worried about a GOP without Trump and where the party is headed which in my opinion is backward.

Where do you feel we are heading? Most importantly, what do you think we can do about this?

Will we be saved or crushed by a Red Wave in November?

I know for sure though it has to be better than the Blue Sharks in the ocean that are ruining our country.

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I may not speak for all but I speak for many
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