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With the most important midterm elections in our lifetimes in November 2022, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the House, Senate, and Governors races.


Today we’re looking at the House of Representatives where the Democrats currently hold a narrow 220-212 majority, with 3 vacant seats. That means the Republicans only need to pick up 6 seats to take majority control.


House forecast: There are a lot of election analysts out there, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to use Real Clear Politics.


They forecast:


Republicans likely take 225 seats

Democrats likely take 175 seats

35 seats are a toss-up


…under these circumstances, even if Democrats take every toss-up [they won’t], the GOP still takes control.


Follow the money: According to Axios, the situation for House Democrats is so bad, that the party is having to pull its money from toss-up races and invest it into races that should be low-cost, easy wins for Democrats.


Axios gives an example:


“Last week, the Democrats’ House Majority PAC moved funds from an Oregon district Biden carried by nine points to salvage a suburban Portland district Biden won by 13 points.”


The generic Congressional ballot also points to a red wave hitting the House. When asking which party voters plan to vote for in the midterm congressional elections, here are the results from the 10 most recent, major polls [all conducted in October]:


Emerson: GOP +5

Rasmussen: GOP +4

Economist: GOP +1

NBC News: GOP +1

Monmouth: GOP +6

Politico: Dems +1


CBS News: GOP +2

Harvard/Harris: GOP +6

Trafalgar: GOP +5


What’s moving voters?


Nancy Pelosi told a reporter that when people ask them about inflation, Democrats “have to change the subject.”


And there’s a reason she doesn’t want to talk about it:


79% of voters say that the economy is important to their voting decisions – the highest among 18 issues presented to them. [Pew Research]


When asked which party they trust to handle the economy, voters said:


22% chose Democrats

36% chose Republicans [+14 prefer GOP]


…that’s a very bad recipe for Democrats.


While we can see the massive, red wave on the horizon, this isn’t the time to take our foot off the gas. Make sure your calendar is clear to vote on election day. Offer to drive a [Republican] family member or friend to the polls with you. And if you can’t make it on election day, vote early.


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