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Chinese citizens are in an open revolt against the Chinese Communist Party [CCP], taking to the streets, clashing with police, and calling for the resignation of President Xi Jinping over his zero-Covid policy.

Why? The root is China’s extremely authoritarian zero-Covid policy, where a small number of positive covid cases in a city can result in millions being locked down.

In the best case, citizens are forced into strict quarantine at home with limited access to food and resources.
In the worst case, citizens are dragged off to Covid detention centers for weeks at a time.

The protests are being labeled the White Paper Revolution by Chinese citizens using blank white sheets of paper as the symbol of their rebellion, holding them at protests and posting them online.

In China, criticizing the CCP can result in severe punishment, so the blank white paper is both a commentary on the country’s extreme censorship and a way to avoid punishment.

The protest heat map: One layer down from the root cause [zero-Covid policy] are key events that have led to the national uprising:

📍 Urumqi building fire: Ten people were killed in a fire in an apartment building in the western city of Urumqi, where residents have been locked down for over 100 days. Lockdowns prevented people from evacuating, according to the NY Times. They also prevented emergency services from reaching the building in time.

📍 Foxconn: Thousands of workers at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou city, the largest iPhone factory in China, joined protests over working conditions as a result of the zero-Covid policy. These protests were violent, with workers smashing surveillance cameras and windows and attacking security that tried to stop the protests.

📍 Student uprising: In major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, college students have taken to the streets to protest in support of the two aforementioned protests, chanting “Down with the Chinese Communist Party” and “Down with Xi”.

What happens next: Xi isn’t going to let this go on much longer. Expect him to use a show of strength to quiet the protests.

[Source: Vox, The Guardian]









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