Twitter Critic Elon Musk Becomes Its Biggest Shareholder

Written by on April 5, 2022

Twitter Critic Elon Musk Becomes Its Biggest Shareholder

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In a bold move, Elon Musk has snatched up 9.2 percent of all Twitter stock, and now one of the social network’s harshest critics is its majority shareholder.

Musk recently took to Twitter to question whether or not the social media company “Rigorously adheres” to free speech.

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done?” Musk tweeted on March 26.

Musk ran a Twitter poll his for 80 million followers.

“Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy. Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?” An overwhelming 70.4 percent majority responded no, while just 29.4 percent felt the social monster did adhere to that particular principle.

Per Variety, the SEC filing states, “Musk acquired the Twitter shares on March 14-which was prior to his commentary about Twitter not being fully committed to free speech.”

Explaining the acquisition, Matt Levine from Bloomberg’s Money Stuff newsletter noted: “Elon Musk did not buy 9.2% of Twitter to make money. He already has all the money, and Twitter has kind of a mixed record of making money for its public shareholders. He bought 9.2% of Twitter because he has money, and wants to spend some of it on being more annoying on Twitter.”

Elon Musk is The King 👑 of The Trolls


Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, now owns more Twitter stock than anyone else in the world – even more than Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey. According to SEC filings:

Musk bought 73.5 million shares on March 14

That means he owns 9.2% of Twitter

His shares are worth $2.9 billion dollars, a fraction of Musk’s $267 billion net-worth

Back up: On March 25, Musk polled his 80 million Twitter followers, asking: “Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy. Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle? The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully.”

2 million people voted. 70% said no. 30% said yes.

Can Musk change Twitter now that he owns nearly 10% of the company? I initially wrote no. But right before I went to hit “send” on this newsletter, it was reported that Musk will join Twitter’s Board of Directors, which would give him a direct voice in the company’s decision-making.

[Source: MarketWatch, WSJ, Waking Up Right]

Elon Musk Just Got A Seat On Twitter’s Board, Says Social Media CEO

Tesla CEO Elon Musk polled Twitter, asking whether a new social media platform should be created to challenge Twitter and sparking speculation that the billionaire might be the one to do so.

Musk was responding to a Twitter user’s question on whether he would consider building a social media platform consisting….

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk expressed his concerns about Twitter Inc’s algorithm and asked his followers if it should be open source.

Social media then blew up after Tesla billionaire Elon Musk tweeted his first words since revealing a 9.2% stake in the social media platform – and it was a request for whether or not people would want an edit button on their feed. Note he misspelled yes as yse for added touch.

Twitter Inc investor and Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk shared his reasoning on why polls on the platform matter.

In his latest “My Take,” “Varney & Co.” host Stuart Varney urges Tesla CEO Elon Musk to “Shake things up” after the tech pioneer purchased a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter following his criticism of the platform.

Lets see what the future holds… Maybe I can get my verified account back?! 

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Twitter Critic Elon Musk Becomes Its Biggest Shareholder



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