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The Twitter Files [Part 7] makes it objectively clear that the FBI knew that the Hunter Biden laptop story was coming, and conspired to discredit it with social media and news companies “before and after it was published.”

Back up: Since taking over as Twitter CEO, Elon Musk has opened the books to independent journalists who have uncovered how Twitter has worked with Democrats and the intelligence community to squash Republicans.

Keep in mind as you read this article that the FBI knew the laptop was real all along because it was given to them in December 2019 by the owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter abandoned it.

The details: Independent journalist Michael Shellenberger begins by laying out a timeline for the “organized effort” by the federal agents to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story “before and after it was published.”

Most of the interactions outlined by Shellenberger are between Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth, and FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan.

In July 2020, Chan arranges for Twitter executives to have Top Secret U.S. security clearances “so the FBI can share information about threats to the upcoming elections.”

In September 2020, Roth was given training for a potential “Hack-and-Dump” operation relating specifically to Hunter Biden. Facebook, NBC News, New York Times, and others also participated.

On September 15, the FBI requested a classified meeting with Jim Baker, the former General Counsel for the FBI who was currently serving as Deputy General Counsel at Twitter.

On October 13 Chan e-mails ten documents to Roth with a note that the e-mail was “not spam” and asked him to “confirm receipt.”

Two minutes later, Roth replies: “Received and downloaded – thanks!”

On October 14, the New York Post published the Hunter Biden laptop story.

On October 14, shortly after the NY Post story publishes, Baker insists to Twitter executives that the story is either faked, hacked, or both.

…take a look at the highlights in yellow above.

So the FBI has a classified meeting with their former colleague on September 15.
And on the day of the release of the story, he’s the loudest voice in the room saying it was faked or hacked.

We live in a corrupt, police state.

Another notable tidbit from the latest Twitter Files is that the FBI paid Twitter more than $3.4 million for their “legal process response” while coordinating with the FBI.

Why this all matters: Aside from the corruption, this changed the results of the 2020 election. A poll of U.S. voters found that 45.1% were “unaware” of the scandals between Biden and his son. And 9.4% of voters said they would not have voted for Biden had they known. That would have swung the eleciton.

[Source: Fox News, Michael Shellenberger]

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