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The question asked by Hillsdale College is, What Happened to My Country? Well, good question except that the biggest issue with these types of courses is that you generalize a whole community, in fact, you also demonize a whole community as well.

Not everyone in the LGBT community is the same, we have a bad seed of people that many groups such as Hillsdale are focused on which is a big concern I have with my fellow Christians on the right.


Note, if you were to take this in another text and say for example a course that talked about black people in a generalized negative way just because of #BLM and riots, etc done by some people in the black community would you think that was right? Would you be allowed to get away with it?

How about women? Wait, you are complaining about “radical feminism” what does that mean? If a woman takes up for themselves is that too radical? Women are equal to men and both men and women have weaknesses and strengths but we cannot continue our species without them both.

Now let’s talk about Jewish or even Muslims and more, as Christians you could easily single out other religions or even ones considered Christian like Catholics, you could generalize them all but do you think that is proper? Again these groups have diversity and also bad seeds that could make the group as a whole look bad.

Now let’s focus back on the Gay community, there is much discussion if Transgender as another community altogether making it more of a Straight, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community I think the proof of separation of community is in the name we use. The LGBT community each community gets a letter (sometimes I admit the letters go way too far) but it shows diversity in a combination of communities.

Again each community has diversity within it and it is not fair to describe or generalize a whole community based on a group within that community. That is why so many within those communities have to suffer from being demonized, generalized and punished for the things that others do.

This even goes for Transgenders (even some mistakenly categorize Drag Queens as Transgenders), not every transgender (or Drag Queen) is coming after your kids, in fact, many of the issues we face today with the push of transgenderism come from the mostly straight parents and not other Transgenders.

In my opinion, I personally do not want children to have access to puberty blockers or surgeries but I also do not think children should be restricted from exploring their gender and getting counseling. I just don’t think any of this should be unnecessarily pushed on our youth.

Now, let’s see you talk about identity politics, yet what you are ultimately doing is adding to the issue because by lumping and generalizing people by their identity groups you are saying that everyone in that group must have a shared identity. This is identity politics.

Note that everyone participates in this even if you don’t admit it because it’s all a demographic. When you are in politics you break people down into a voter base, you look at these demographics such as white, black, Hispanic, etc voters then you look at women and men voters, you then look at the age brackets of voters, all of this data helps a politician figure out how to best seek out their voters. That is politics within identities. So complaining about so-called “identity politics” is moot because it is politics, and in this, it is a case of the right-wing placing their own meaning to words.

Ultimately the question asked is What Happened To My Country? Well considering that we founded a country based on diversity and the desire for freedom from and to have freedom of religion, as well as a rebellion against the “motherland” to get these freedoms. My answer is our country is still there as long as we grant our people the “We The People” to have continued access to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Mind, and Freedom of expression then our country will be just fine.

Ultimately, it’s disappointing to see classes such as Hillsdale college force a far-right religious extremist view, it’s just as disappointing when a far-left radical group is doing the same thing (such as the smaller group within a larger community that Hillsdale is more than likely using identity politics to generalize as all the same to push a narrative) note that I would not agree that all right-wing people are the same as Hillsdale nor all right-wing Christians are as well.

Extremism is never a good thing from the right or the left, and I will continue to fight and speak up when I see it. Call me what you want, label me what you want, but it will not deter me.

The point is we are given by the grace of God the freedom of choice and the freedom of mind. We are individuals and it’s time to start understanding that.


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