Who will be the next speaker of the house aka Shakespeare on the Potomac

Written by on January 3, 2023

Who will be the next speaker of the house aka Shakespeare on the Potomac

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Who will be the next speaker of the house aka Shakespeare on the Potomac


Kevin McCarthy may have already moved into Nancy Pelosi’s old office on Capitol Hill, but as the House gets set to vote for the new Speaker, his dreams of holding the gavel are rapidly fading away.


Back up: Republicans won a slim House majority (222-213) in the midterm elections. That majority goes into effect and kicks off with a vote for the next Speaker of the House.


The numbers: In order for Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker, he needs 218 votes. Since there are 222 Republicans, he can only afford to lose 4 GOP votes – but there are at least a dozen on record against him.


Where’s the beef?


The holdouts have several issues they’ve voiced with respect to McCarthy:


They want him to be committed to “address the issue of leadership working to defeat conservatives in open primaries.”


During the 2022 primaries, McCarthy used the Congressional Leadership Fund to help advance his preferred candidates over more conservative/MAGA candidates.


Appointing more “true conservatives” to leadership roles.


Lowering the threshold to just 5 dissatisfied lawmakers needed to trigger a vote to oust the Speaker.


…on a conference call, McCarthy agreed to only the last bullet on the list above.


Who is against McCarthy?


Nine House conservatives responded to McCarthy’s one capitulation, saying it continued “to be missing specific commitments with respect to virtually every component of our entreaties.”


Those members are:

Reps. Scott Perry. Chip Roy, Paul Gosar, Dan Bishop, Anna Paulina Luna, Andy Harris, Andrew Clyde, Andy Ogles, & Eli Crane


In addition, there are five “Never Kevin” conservatives:


Reps. Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Ralph Norman, Bob Good, and Matt Rosendale.


Who are the alternatives? Rep. Andy Biggs has thrown his hat into the ring. Others have suggested Reps. Steve Scalise, Elise Stefanik, and Jim Jordan.


The vote takes place asap. If McCarthy doesn’t reach 218, they vote again. And again. Until someone has enough votes.


This is all D.C. Shakespearean theatre. I’m of the mind that anyone that goes to these lengths to gain power is not someone I trust with that power…


[Source: Politico, Washington Examiner]






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