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Despite all the doom and gloom across conservative media, Republicans still have a legitimate shot at taking over control of the Senate.


Here’s where we stand on the race to 51 seats:


49 seats are held by Republicans

48 seats are held by Democrats

3 seats are still being decided


Let’s break down the three seats in play:


🍑 In Georgia the race is advancing to a runoff election on December 6, because neither candidate was able to secure 50% of the vote, which is required in Georgia:


Raphael Warnock (D): 49.2%

Herschel Walker (R): 48.7%.

Chase Oliver (I): 2.1%


Not cool, libertarians.

That 2.1% would have put Walker over the top.


🎰 In Nevada the race is still too close to call. But with 84% of the votes counted:


Adam Laxalt (R): 49.4%

Catherine Cortez Mastro (D): 47.6%


…the caveat here is that a lot of the vote counts we’re still waiting on are coming from Clark County, where Las Vegas is located – which favors Democrats. In a previous newsletter, I mentioned that I don’t trust the election system in Nevada. Clark County is the reason.


🏜️ In Arizona it’s still too early to call with just 76% of the votes counted. But as we stand right now, the Republican has a lot of ground to make up:


Mark Kelly (D): 51.4%

Blake Masters (R): 46.4%


…the remaining 595,483 uncounted votes in Arizona are going to break in Masters’ direction. It’s just a matter of if they can make up the 5-point gap.


Big picture: Republicans need to win two of these races to control the Senate.


[Source: MSNBC for election result data]


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