Roseanne Was The Victim of a Double Standard

Written by on May 30, 2018

Roseanne Was The Victim of a Double Standard

SO by now even those in North Korea all know all about how Roseanne put out this tweet…

well more like a comment to another tweet…

Then the BIG OUTCRY from the LEFT and Networks…

as previously focused in this article here

Channing Dungey ABC Entertainment president, was quoted by multiple sources as calling her Twitter post

“abhorrent and repugnant”

But NOW there are reports that they are even thinking about doing a show without her?! REALLY!!

The problem with all of that is Roseanne is co-created by Roseanne Barr. Using those characters and stories will still benefit her financially, reversing the stance ABC president Channing Dungey has taken.

And ABC executives need to do something since they literally just listened to a people who don’t even watch it

Since Roseanne put out the tweet the view inside Disney was that this was the third or fourth time when Barr’s tweets had presented a problem for ABC. This controversy was by far the worst yet according to them.

Even though Roseanne HAD NO CLUE (and neither did we) that VJ was even “BLACK” and Roseanne apologized




But, appologies where not enough…. Roseanne was FIRED others turned their backs on her like her agency ICM Partners who dropped her as a client after describing her post as unacceptable and disgraceful. Also, Sarah Gilbert (the Lesbian), Wanda Sykes (the black racist lesbian), and Emma Kenney (who?) have now put some distance from Roseanne.

And Sadly they took Roseanne’s shows down as well:


What I can say from this is there is a LOT of unknown and has been actors and actresses out of work now.


Speaking of that… remember the disaster which was Obama’s Presidency:

Well, Valerie Jarrett was once an aide at the White House during Obama’s term as President.

There are SO SO MANY Roseanne Supporters their voices be heard as they feel that the only reason ABC came down on Roseanne so hard is that she’s an avid Trump supporter.

Roseanne is NOT the first television star to find themselves in controversy because of something that they tweeted or said. WE ALL KNOW that MANY people on social media are getting away or have got away with controversial tweets.

So Let’s Explore that:



Bill Maher compares Trump to a gorilla all the time. So if Bill Maher’s words were seen by the media as a joke and was allowed to keep his show without having his life ruined. Opinion: Bill Maher is a liberal while Roseanne is a Trump supporter.

Although there was an example where Bill did get in trouble after some insensitive 9/11 remarks. Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect did not receive quite the backlash that Roseanne did and find itself canceled immediately, it was canceled within a matter of months afterward when Advertisers pulled out and began spending their money elsewhere.

The issue is that’s when HBO quickly rushed in to pick him up, and then his show Real Time Bill Maher found himself in the hot seat again after he used a racial slur.



Maher was quick to apologize for it a short time later. And all was forgiven… YET Roseanne Asked For Forgiveness and gets NOTHING but the door…. so what do you think?! DOUBLE STANDARD!!!

Next case is Jimmy Kimmel himself. Kimmel has made fun of the first lady’s Slovenian accent. Jimmy Kimmel constantly makes jokes about our FLOTUS. Jimmy Kimmel’s show has in no way been negatively affected by his making fun of our first lady yet ABC still continues to allow it on their network. Jimmy Kimmel’s portrayal of the first lady Melania Trump could be seen as racist. But, ABC still ignores this.

Our First Lady is a VERY Smart wonderful classy lady and she speaks many languages, and those that say that Trump does not respect immigrants don’t understand making fun of Melania is just as BAD as they claim! Also don’t even think about talking about how he did Black Face!

Then there is Joy Behar the by far most LIBERALIST of “The View” on ABC Behar may be a comedian that many people find funny, but what she did this past February was not humorous at all. As the “ladies” on The View discussed claims that were made by former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman. Newman had claimed that Vice President Mike Pence said he talks to Jesus.

“it’s one thing to talk to Jesus, it’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct. Hearing voices.” – Joy Behar

At least that same day Joy Behar viciously attacked Christians all over the world with her words there was a Christian guest host named Sherri Shepherd who defended the idea of communicating with God.

Joy Behar took this moment to attack Christians everywhere with their words.

Personally, why is Joy working still?

If Joy Behar spoke about gays or Muslims or other “PROTECTED” classes by the left the way she speaks about Christians – she would be fired

But let’s remember she did apologize:

“I was raised to respect everyone’s religious faith, and I fell short of that. I sincerely apologize for what I said.”

OH and don’t Forget Wanda Sykes! who called Trump and Orangutan


BTW enjoy this Poll:

So basically there are a few examples: the opinion is out there ABC personalities in the past before what Roseanne said what she said were NOT let go, and were allowed to say they were sorry and kept their jobs. The difference these individuals were Liberals and totally not Trump Supporters…

Now here is the icing on the cake:

ESPN Hires Keith Olbermann, Who Regularly Called Donald Trump A Nazi On Twitter

ESPN Hires Keith Olbermann, Who Regularly Called Donald Trump A Nazi On Twitter

So Honestly! Let’s Recap:

Its OK to make fun of Trump and call him a Monkey

It’s Ok to make fun of the FLOTUS and how she talks

It’s Ok to do BlackFace if you are a Liberal Comedian

Its Ok to have a severed head of Trump (wait she did get in trouble but also reversed her apology just recently)

Kathy Griffin sorry, not sorry over Trump severed head photo

Its ok to make fun of someone’s religion so long as its Christianity that we make fun of.

So the Answer

So was the Firing of Roseanne a Double Standard?


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